Part 1 – Jacqui & Dwayne

Jacqui & Dwayne are a happily married couple, with two grown up kids who have just moved out of home. Now it’s time to spend their adult lives doing what “they” want to do.

Jacqui is  busy painting trying to work her way up to Painter of the Real. She’s currently an Artist En Residence. Dwayne is working his way through the Business career (in real life he’s a foreman on an industrial building site).

Their family come to visit often and they are busy heading out when they can to meet the neighbours int his new town of Newcrest. Some are friendly, some are not quite so friendly but they love it here.


Jacqui: So, after selling some of my paintings I had some spare cash lying around and someone told me about this cool new ice cream machine that came on the market. I decided I needed one of these, so promptly went out and bought one. Let me tell you….it’s the best thing since sliced bread!!! Love it! I also love my kitchen 🙂




Ok so the recipe says just add milk and flavouring and turn the machine on. Here goes nothing!!!11882372_10153574574501983_8241733378905606852_o


Oh wow look at that! It was easy. Cherry ice cream with nuts and wafers….looks good enough to eat. Hey Dwayne come and check this out!!11892396_10153574574476983_7621748352528894320_o


I chose the cone and he chose the bowl. Probably cos he can pile more into a bowl 😉 Looks good but oh dear, I fear it won’t be good for the waistline!11845045_10153574574411983_6383192982852517715_o


Ooooh Ice cream headache. I smile sadistically as Dwayne suffers ha ha11878931_10153574574731983_2736045211044884916_o


One of my masterpieces that I painted. I like this one better than the last one! Think I might keep this one in the family. The kids will probably like it.11894639_10153574575311983_2396341476910601994_o


Another masterpiece that was commissioned. Not really my thing, but if that is what the customer wants then that is what she will get. She paid me well for it.11891518_10153574575526983_6551623933110923460_o


Loving the dishwasher. It makes life so easy to clean up….especially when Dwayne rushes off to work and leaves me to clean up his dirty dishes. Grrr!11878891_10153574575106983_2251154776238177476_o


While Dwayne is hard at work I have a day off and decided to go and check out the local spa. A hand massage for my tired painters hands will do the trick!11856287_10153574574746983_1690788402530329822_o


Followed by some yoga. This is harder than it looks but at least everyone else is struggling too.11896274_10153574575176983_12289743832846475_o


This was right before I fell over. Lucky that wasn’t caught on camera ha ha. The guy at the back didn’t even try it though…chicken!!11822948_10153574576976983_6294993014729304128_o


After yoga I took a walk in the park and ran into Janne and Damian. I don’t know what that was that Damian cooked but it tasted better than it looked. He was telling Janne and I all about his great basketball game that he played at work today with some of the other nurses. Seriously, you always see them playing basketball, even on the tv…do they ever work?? (jokes)11816371_10153574577991983_6019098177493929240_o


Yay! Dwayne got promoted. Good job baby!! He’s now the Vice President at his company 🙂 Sounds important and impressive and he seems pretty happy with himself.11893867_10153574576726983_7236469084512101897_o


The kids came over for a visit and I made us all some ice cream. Strawberry this time. Now it was my turn for an ice cream headache and my daughter Krystal took delight in laughing at me….wait til it happens to you kid.11884719_10153574577221983_5186431123658480743_o


Krystal moved out recently but left her beloved garden behind. She went outside to talk to her plants…she could have weeded and watered them for me while she was there…but not. Typical…she left it for me to do.11903649_10153574576956983_6134824740037347461_o


Dwayne now has to make business calls and he has to call overseas sometimes, so he has to make calls late at night, even though he’s tired. Who needs sleep anyway!11864733_10153574577086983_4430344275079004386_o


Ummm excuse me! What am I dreaming about? I hope that’s grandkids on my mind!!!!11906727_10153574577276983_3110546113856023914_o


Yay me! I got a promotion today. Professional Painter woohoo! My boss said I’ve done such a good job with the customers paintings that I deserve it. I got a new easel, apparently it will help me paint even better pictures now. Hopefully I can get more paint on the canvas and less on my work shirt ha ha.11834919_10153574578321983_757206177175095146_o


We both had Saturday off so we met the kids at the park for some chess. Both kids are also in business and we all need to level up our skills, so it seemed a good opportunity.11822903_10153574579006983_85766809692931556_o


Krystal was in a bad mood and she caught her dad cheating, so she threw the chess pieces all over the board. Dwayne was playing all innocent “what did I do?” he asked.11838527_10153574579021983_9001539003163088687_o


One of the locals came by and accused my mother of being llama. How rude! My mother is no llama I yelled back at her, maybe your own mother is!11890033_10153574580541983_8201763567156963471_o


She pulled me out of my chair and was going to fight me. My beautiful son stuck out his chest and said “if you touch her you will have me to deal with” Dwayne just realized what was going on and Krystal was like “what the?”. Love my family for sticking up for me!11889965_10153574580546983_7577493941765961125_o


Phew after that altercation we decided we’d go home for some peace and quiet. Jayden’s girlfriend Jasmin came over as well and they got all cozy on the sofa while Dwayne made ice cream.11893798_10153574579476983_2688468547830203785_o


This time it was diet ice cream with mint and shredded coconut. Jasmin who’s a health fanatic said that was good for us. She said she might even try some herself.11850535_10153574579566983_8792477398852612800_o


Krystal’s boyfriend Josh tried it and said it was great! He should know, he loves his food. Jasmin kept on lecturing Dwayne about eating healthy foods and look how slim she is because she eats healthy.11906727_10153574579966983_8000977045529032994_o


Dwayne and Jayden went off to a club for a few drinks together….boys bonding time. I’m not quite sure what the boys were talking about her but judging by this I don’t think it’s fit for my readers ears! Unless it just means he loves rockets but that’s news to me! ha ha11884707_10153574580211983_4228109467792218189_o


Malcom Landgraab was at the pub looking all handsome in his sunday best outfit. He seemed to be giving Jayden a weird look though as he walked passed…..what was all that about?11872265_10153574580666983_6191770133499021612_o


The conversation seems to have attracted some onlookers. I think you’ve had a few too many cocktails boys. It might be time to go home now!11885651_10153574581111983_2273511693428234003_o


Meanwhile I finished work and went for a quick walk around the park. I ran into Casey and Franco who were discussing cheese sandwiches. Apparently Franco makes the best. I have to say I’m impressed with the diet ice cream. It’s done wonders for my figure 😀11906817_10153574581366983_1702225246408635490_o


Krystal rang for a quick chat and she said the diet ice cream had helped her too. Wow, what do they put in this stuff! It’s great!!11225454_10153574581446983_5187072947716048648_o


Anna and Ashley were at the park and Ashley was telling us about her recent holiday to Oasis Springs. She reckons they saw a dragon there. Yeah right! I decided so Simoogle it on my phone but I couldn’t find anything about it. I reckon she was dreaming!11232142_10153574581451983_6189927676845276234_o


Back home with my beloved and we had a quick snuggle before bed time while we watched some tv.11875059_10153574581136983_1343419398562123010_o


I told Dwayne about Krystal’s phone call and he said yeah, he had slimmed down too. He sure has….looking sexy rexy….meowwwwww!11834932_10153574581286983_8959813687851965210_o


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